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«Неопубликованное»: On my mind

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The sound will go on and die.
I cannot say that I was blind.
I've made you stay, I've made you try,
And you were always on my mind.

I've caught your look, I saw it fly.
And I can't say that it was kind.
I've made you creep, I've made you lie,
But you were always on my mind.

You've chosen land, I've chosen sky,
You've yielded up, you've soon resigned.
I have no rights to ask you: why?
For you're always on my mind.

I've lost your faith, you've lost your way,
For reasons that you couldn't find.
Will you forgive me, if I say
That you'll be always on my mind?

The time will slowly pass me by,
I've pushed both forward and rewind.
You've let me leave — and made me cry.
But... I'll be always on your mind.


  © Trinya Chinskaya, 2007 | Карта сайта